Moving from Ubercart to Commerce


I've just installed Commerce Kickstart on in order to evaluate the effort of moving another site ( over to the new platform. There are some great ideas in there, everything is driven by views and the full power of fieldable entities is exposed. I especially liked how the product or inventory is separated from the product display or catalogue.

An Apache httpd performance tuning gotcha


In the process of tuning a server for a client, I was playing with the MaxClients directive. The normal finessing of having plenty of clients balanced by having enough CPU and memory to handle them. I couldn't get my configuration changes to work how I wanted and kept reaching my MaxClients within minutes, and was wondering if I had changed the wrong stanza, i.e. threaded rather than prefork even though I was 100% sure it was running prefork...

Move a number of Google tasks to another list


Not the most enlightening or erudite of first posts, but a little tip with Google tasks that took my fancy.

I've been using Google tasks quite extensively lately for everything from shopping lists to implementation plans, and while it has a little bit to go before it reaches prime time (An API for example? Hello? Google?), features such as the task canvas and setting up an application shortcut in Chrome make them very friendly to use.

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